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The healing properties of vodka

40% purified vodka is used for therapeutic purposes, but you can also use medical alcohol. It should be remembered that the use of alcohol or vodka of other consistency or low quality is contraindicated for the treatment, due to the fact that there are technical types of alcohol, which even in small amounts can prove deadly poison or cause serious poisoning.

One of the major therapeutic properties of vodka is disinfecting action. Therefore in case of small cuts, grazes firstly you can treat the wound with alcohol or vodka. The skin sores invisible to the naked eye are formed very often while shaving or eyebrow plucking. In their place on the next day the pesky pimples emerge, which deliver a lot of trouble, and in some cases require long-term treatment. In order to avoid this it is recommended, to lubricate the skin clean eyebrow by pure vodka before shaving or plucking.

If you put vodka compress on just-emerged furuncle or any suppurative infection in this case the formation of pus will dramatically slow down or even terminate. Even if the ulcer formed, you can get rid of it by using double layered bandages. For this purpose it is necessary to put on ulcer the gauze with Vishnevsky ointment and on the top the similar gauze moistened with a 40% alcohol.

In the event of erysipelatous inflammation, when any ointments are contra-indicated, the skin must be treated with vodka. This will help to localize the center of inflammation and will prevent it from spreading deeper into the tissues. Many people, unfortunately, know how difficult it is to stand a "firing" pain in the ear. You can compare this pain, perhaps, only with a toothache. Such pain is the first sign of beginning of otitis, which, if left untreated, can transform into otopyosis. In order to prevent this process you can drop into the ear vodka slightly diluted with water. Vodka is an effective antipyretic. This property is based on the high rate of evaporation of ethanol from the surface of the skin. The back and the chest of the patient with fever should be rubbed with vodka. The patient should be left uncovered because blanket or clothing impedes the evaporation process. Once the alcohol evaporates the temperature of the patient's body will decrease. The same property of vodka helps with burns. Burnt skin area should be immediately greased with vodka. Through quick evaporation it will cool down the skin, thus reducing the pain. In addition, the wound promptly treated with vodka, will not form bubbles.

The next healing property of vodka is anti-shock action. In the case of absence of painkillers, vodka can be used as anesthesia. Give a half a glass of vodka to injured man, who experiences acute pain shock. Ethyl alcohol is the only antidote in case of poisoning by methyl alcohol. Methyl alcohol by smell and taste practically does not differ from ethyl, so very often it causes poisoning in the workplaces of especially zealous admirers of the green serpent. In case of absorption into blood methyl alcohol, usually leads to blindness, and in particularly dangerous cases, to death. At the first signs of poisoning by the methyl alcohol immediately give to the patient a glass of diluted ethyl alcohol that is normal, food vodka.